Sunday, April 30, 2006

Drat! I'm Scooped!

So I'm bustin' my hump on this big story, which has it all....recent mayor...Episcopal priest...lesbians and gays coming out all over the place...jilted multi-millionaire titan of Cleveland industry...has it all.

I'm sitting down to my trusty Remington typewriter and in walks Ed Scripps, ruins my day. Tells me the PD already has it. And if the PD has it, that means so does everyone else. Here I thought I had an exclusive, now I find out half of the Cleveland media establishment is already sittin' on it. I knew that rapscallion Bob Hope was up to no good!! Being a dead Cleveland journalism legend just ain't what it used to be. No respect.

I guess it's off to the races now! First one to confirm the bedroom story wins!

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EastSideKitKat said...

Oh my. I've heard rumors about this, but your blog is the first I'm reading of it.