Friday, June 30, 2006

Breakthrough! Discussion of sexual advances in the workplace!

Nev Chandler turned me on to this last night after a quickie in the backseat of his Corvair. Minister& Revolutionary. In it, many clues on the big scoop. Including this photo - check out where the mayor's left hand is. Can't see it, can you. MAYOR COPS A FEEL! AH HAAAAA!
In Cleveland she can often be found at Trinity Cathedral, doing a mid-week Eucharist service.
Not much of a churchgoer myself, but hey, anything for a story. Stick that thing down my throat, baby! Another clue. trying to determine how to take her priesthood and use it so that people can taste some of it in everything she does.
Finger lickin' good! The clues
The Bishop helped her and told her he wanted her to be ordained to the work place, not a church ."God chose me to make a difference in the business world. I was forced to wait so that I could be a better tool."
Heh. She said...heh heh....tool.
Although Cathy is known for her support of Cleveland's previous mayor Jane Campbell, she herself is not political.
"Support" in Episcopal-priest-of-the-work-place-business-people-speak means oh, so much more. Or so Ghoulardi tells me.
She also has very down-to-earth view on sexual advances in the workplace. She "just handles" the frequent propositions. "I handle it by feeling flattered, rather than bitter. I don't see it as an invasion of my privacy or offensive. This is not a helpful way to work with male peers."
You can say that again, girlfriend! Forget about male peers, how about female mayors? BRING IT, BITCH!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am SO there!

Lordie, my big scoop has been hard to crack lately. No more!
Red Room Revolution leader Cathy Panzica, whose investment firm is housed at the tech park, is organizing the event. I hear Mayfield Mayor Bruce Rinker and former Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell are likely to attend. Anyone else hearing anything about this?

The nice thing about being a dead blogger Cleveland journalism legend is that no one can see you, so you can get in real close to hear all the sweet nothings people will be whispering to each other. The bad news is that I think Barnaby wants to tag along...better be some serious amounts of Canadian Club at this thing.