Friday, April 28, 2006

Loose lips sink scoops!

This Cleveland Dead Blogger's society is such a hoot! Bob Hope came to the weekly canasta game, had us all in stitches.

But I had to slap him down when he started spilling the beans about my big scoop. He's a clever rascal! You know that famous joke, The Aristocrats? Well, Bob starts telling The Aristocrats with a dash of Episcopal priests and lesbians thrown in, and that was that. Had to step on his toe under the table. He called me a frigid bitch. I told him there's more where that came from. He finally shut his trap.

Anyway, still working some details on the big scoop!!! And if Bob Hope tells you anything, you tell me. I'll take that pointy nose of his and squeeze it 'til it falls off.

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