Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Madge triggers a breakthrough!!

Sometimes the best thing to do to capture a story is put yourself in the shoes of your subject matter. You know, field research. What would make a sitting mayor and an Episcopal priest BOTH forsake their husbands and run into each other's arms? While campaigning for re-election, even?!?!

So I go visit Margaret Bourke-White and ask her if she's ever...you know...switch hit. She looks me in the eye. I look back. Next thing I know my corset is flying across the room. In no time Madge is going down on me in a flurry of semi-circles like one of those industrial strength floor buffers.  Madge is lovin' it, I'm underwhelmed.

While I pretend that Madge is pleasuring me, I light a smoke and go through my notes for the hundredth time, and it finally hits me. Maybe HE'S switch hitting, too!! Bingo. I get up, give Madge a "nice try" pat on the back, and hit the phones. Turns out this is the worst kept secret in the whole city of Cleveland...not so much switch hitting but hitting for the other team. Now I'm onto something. It really is the Aristocrats! In real life!

Thanks Madge!!!!

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