Sunday, May 14, 2006

Talk about a magic bus

Dug up this one in my research, and just had to run it by the Van Sweringen boys, you know, Oris & Mantis. Shaker Hts., Terminal Tower railroad baron types. Public transport was sorta their thing, might have some useful background, right? Wrong.

Apparently, in the Cleveland Dead Bloggers Society, everybody's a comedian.

OVS - Will the new RTA board member introduce a rider's discount for philandering lesbian Episcopal priests?

MVS - Only if the Episcopal priest is married to a titan of Cleveland industry.

OVS - I heard there was gonna be a special section on the bus for lesbian mayors, too.

MVS - That's where the Episcopal priests sit.

OVS - Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! - How about their jilted husbands?

MVS - No discount, unless one of the husbands is also a prancing queen.

Ugh. Again, no respect.

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