Saturday, September 02, 2006

Reader mail from the poorest city in the US

Dear Dorothy,

I love your blog. It's better than reading Dan Savage. I need some advice. Last year, my Episcopal priest wife started getting it on with the then mayor of the poorest city in the US whose campaign she was running. I walked in on my wife gettin' busy with the mayor, in my own house. Did I mention they're both women? My manood has been shaken to its core. What do I do?

Dying of Pride Evisceration

Dear DOPE,

I have just the thing for you. Give your Episcopal priest wife more of your money so she can start a new investment project with her lesbian former mayor lover. That way, you can keep an eye on their hot girl-on-girl action while they spend your fortune, and no one will be the wiser. Keep me informed.

Dear Dorothy,

I'm a former mayor of the poorest city in the US. My husband's been a prancing gay our entire marriage, so I started going down on my Episcopal priest campaign manager during my last re-election campaign. She's hot, totally your type. Only problem is, we lost the election, and now I think my political career is over. What do I do?

Jackin' Off Kuzza Episcopalian

Dear JOKE,

Don't be so glum. All you have to do is get the Episcopal priest's husband to give his wife more of his money so you two kids can do a nifty project together. No one will get wise to any of it, so your political career will be resurrected. Send me updates.

Dear Dorothy,

I'm an Episcopal priest married to a titan of industry in the poorest city in the US. He's so cute and rich. Only one problem...I've been eating out the former mayor since before she lost her re-election. It's hot. I think about her every time I give out the Eucharist. What do I do?

Taking Rich Ass's Money Pronto


This all can be solved with more of your husband's money. Start some swell new project with your husband's fortune and put the former mayor on the board. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it out, too? Update me along the way. Thanks.


Village Green said...

Dear Dorothy,

What is your position on the latest national political scandal?

A fan

Tim said...

Dorothy....please be my mentor. I want to be just like you! I have a ouija board and a bottle of scotch with your name on it. Please, Big D, please! Be my guide through the world of gossip!

Joey Polanski said...

Dont tell me Dorothy has died ...

... again.

Anonymous said...

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Stefanie Collins said...

please start updating this again!